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It seems as though it is becoming more and more common to report businesses as “black-owned” (Detroit Pizza Bar, In this article) and sometimes “locally owned”.

Is this important information to know for some reason? If so, is it just important to know the racial or ethnic identity of some owners, or is this the beginning of a trend which is going to add a whole lot of adjectives to what used to be fairly straightforward business names?

Will McDougall Hardware become “the hardware store that used to be in Poletown owned by people of Macedonian descent”? The oil change place on Livernois & Curtis will become “the Lebanese-descent Muslim-owned ,,,” ?

Is there any value in further dividing an already divided city and country into smaller and smaller identity groups, or is this just virtue-signaling extraordinaire?

We don’t need to know the ethnic heritage of every business in Detroit. We just need to know if they provide good product and service. You have a great newsletter.....just keep it simple.

Thank you.

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